sexta-feira, 26 de julho de 2013

JCI  World Congress Rio 2013

Why you should come to Brazil?

Over 6 days of experiences will be shared and there will be opportunities to meet with members of JCI from around world.

All together, we'll develop new ways to make  positive change in our communities.

Where? Headquarter Hotel Windsor Barra Hotel &Convention Center
Rio de Janeiro, RJ

- 1st April to 4th Oct US$ 550,00
- 5th Oct onwards US$ 600,00

* Acomodation
- HQ Hotel: 300 USD for double rooms
- Other 3/4 star hotels around 200 USD for double rooms
- Cheaper hotels available, around 100 usd per night
- Apartments on lease

* Important
The sooner hotel rooms are booked, the better. Price and availabity can change very quickly.

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